Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dear Forest

 I bumped into this jumpsuit while I was on my way out of H&M. I was sure that I had closely skimmed through the entire store, but I somehow almost missed this. It was only $20, which is definitely in my price range. Plus, my cousin's wedding was Saturday, which a good enough excuse for this fabulous purchase. There are buttons down the leg if you want to show a little leg, but it was a little chilly so unfortunately, that was not an option.

Jumpsuit, H&M - Shoes, BCBG

Photographed by: Alexis Townsend
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

NYFW 2015 Street Style

 Hey everyone! 
I told you I would be back with more pictures from my NYFW experience and since I never disappoint, here you go. These were some pictures that I took after the Diesel Black & Gold show at Lincoln Center. I chose to go the simple route and wear all cream. You can't go wrong with simplicity.
I got to see so many people (some of which I discussed in my previous post). Among those people were the beautiful Rita Ora, Coco Rocha, and June Ambrose (their pictures are below). OMG right? I know! This was definitely something that I will never forget.

 Jacket, Shirt, and Skirt, H&M - Shoes, Valentino RED

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NYFW Spring/Summer 2015

I got the opportunity to visit New York to see a bit of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It is completely unreal and if you ever get the chance to go, GO! The street style is insane and you never know who you'll see. From celebrities, to famous photographers, to spokespeople from magazines. Some of my favorite bloggers were in attendance like Aimee Song from Song of Style (who I was unable to photograph) and Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad. Cameras were flashing every where and I even got my photo taken a few times (actually more than a few). I wish that I could have stayed for the entire week, but I'll take that as a lesson learned for the next time. Below are some raw shots I took while visiting the Diesel show. There were too many pictures for this post, so another one will be coming shortly. 
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rolling in the Deep

 Say hello to me and my deep V. 
I have to tuck this shirt soooo tight into these shorts or else my boobs would run free lol. These are definitely the times when I wish I had smaller breast, but whatever. I got this sexy top from Forever21. Surprised? I was. I always think of Forever21 as a youthful store, but it has clearly evolved into something more (in some sections) lol. Do you have any sexy items from Forever21?

 Top, Forever21 - Shorts, H&M - Shoes, Prada

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Favorite Tee

 First of all, this grass was itchy as hell and I'm allergic, but the photo opp was necessary lol. Luckily, I did not break out in hives. That would not have been cute for this post.
 Back to the details...I love this Ramones shirt and I wear it all the time. The funny thing about this shirt is that the first time I wore it, I had no idea who/what was on it. I only bought it to match some red and black Adidas I bought. My co-worker asked me "How do you know the Ramones?". I'm thinking "Who tf are the Ramones?" After plenty of research I found out. Don't judge me please lol
These silk shorts are so cute and I love the embroidery. I told y'all i need big earrings for my bald head lol.
What's your favorite t-shirt?

 T-shirt, Forever21 - Shorts, Honeycomb Hideout - Shoes, Converse

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