Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Crouching Tiger

This tiger shirt is the coolest!!! It's from H&M of course. It's sort of thick like a sweater, but still wearable for the summer. I mean not on the hottest day of the summer, but a nice 70-75 degree day. Oh and I got another yellow piece. I couldn't resist it. Don't judge me LOL. Oh and my favorite gladiator shoes which are too big for my skiny calfs, but that doesn't stop me from constantly wearing them lol
I thought about posting these looks in moderation so it wouldn't be such a hugh H&M overload, but I just couldn't wait to share. No disappointments I hope because there's more to come!!!

 Top and Skirt, H&M - Boots, FlyJane - Sunglasses, ZeroUV

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Polka Face

 Back to work with another H&M outfit...
What an adorable polka dot dress. I just could not resist this dress. It's feminine, edgy, and chic. I decided to put a collared shirt underneath just to make it look a little more 50's. 
What do guys think of H&M's fall collection so far? Or do you hate me for making you wan to go shopping LOL?

 Dress and Collared shirt, H&M - Shoes, Prada

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Life as a Penguin

 I absolutely love this outfit! Let's get into the deets (details duh)....
This is actually not a suit, but a jacket and pants from H&M that just so happen to be the same black. Side note, have you noticed that all blacks are different? You can't buy a black shirt and black pants and expect them to be identical. This also applies to white. Why is that? 
Any who, I got this bow tie from a vintage store for $5 and I wear it all the time. Masculinity for women is so hot! I am now on the hunt for a skinny tie for my next suit. 
Clearly, my bunny ears keep making appearances, but why not?

 Jacket and Pants, H&M - Shirt, SheInside - Bunny ears, Honeycomb Hideout - Shoes, Steve Madden - Bow tie, Vintage - Sunglasses, ZeroUv

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mustard not Yellow

 Today I am wearing my favorite color!
I love all shades of yellow, but mostly mustard. I think it looks so nice on my skin tone.
Ok, I have to give a disclaimer for upcoming posts. I went on a complete rampage in H&M recently and bought as much as my bank account would allow. So majority, if not all pieces will be from H&M. 
To all my fashionistas, if you are not hip to H&M, these posts are for you. Good quality garments at a reasonable price is the definition of H&M. Oh and if you are in need of a good sale, they will give you that too. This is my favorite store and what I wear the most of. 
Contrary to popular believe, you don't have to spend hundreds to be stylish.

 Top and Skirt, H&M - Shoes, Valentino RED

Monday, August 18, 2014

Smell the Flowers

 Back to work Monday...ugh
Well this past Saturday I went to see Lil Boosie in concert. This was definitely more on my ratchet side. His concert has been added to my top five and I would love to see him again if the opportunity presents itself. 
Since I usually dress for work or more casual settings, I had nothing to wear. I am the queen of buying something to wear the day of an event. I guess I should invest in purchasing more "partying" outfits even though I don't party much. I'm probably one of many few women who do not own a LBD (little black dress). Luckily for me, I found this cute two piece at my favorite boutique Honeycomb Hideout on Thursday. Oh and these cute black pearl rabbit ears!!!!
Honeycomb Hideout is the perfect store for many reasons. One being that they only get 5 or 6 or the same pieces. Secondly, they NEVER restock items. That insures originality and I love it!

 Two piece and Bunny ears, Honeycomb Hideout - Shoes, Steve Madden

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